Ireland’s Best Dressed Debutante 2016

Can we go back to November to relive this amazing night please?? As most of you already know, I had the privilege of judging alongside Rob Condon, Lena & Glenda Gilson our host at DEBSIRELAND.COM ‘s annual Best Dressed Debutante Competition in The Brighouse Hotel in Tullamore. was in association with Asset Modelling Agency and they both pulled out all of the stops as per usual! When you arrive to a red carpet and presecco reception you know immediately that you’re in for a fabulous night!


Fast forward a couple of glasses of bubbly and we’re ready to get the night going. However, right before the show began, I learned that I had to walk on the catwalk and I instantly regretted wearing the gold heels that I had on. In efforts to calm myself, I tried calming the nerves of the other contestants backstage, reassuring them that we were all now in the same boat.

With our intro’s finished, we were ready to begin the show. Working at the debs, you see a serious amount of style each Summer, yet on this night I was still met with gorgeous dresses and suits that I hadn’t seen before, which was very refreshing.

I only wish I had a picture of everybody to showcase all of the different styles. Feathers, tartan, lace, suspenders, kilts, sequins, and even an afro comb – they had it all! There was also so much talent on the catwalk. I mean, some of these debutants were walking with such confidence you’d swear they’d been modelling for years. It made it even harder to judge and to pick a winner.


Although it was extremely hard to pick, there was one clear winner for all of us – Yasmine O’Neill. Her dress was simple, yet elegant and sophisticated, and her makeup was stunning. She had all of the qualities that we were looking for.




We narrowed it down to 14 finalists out of a massive 90 on the night. Yasmine was then crowned Ireland’s Best Dressed Debutant 2016 and walked away with an amazing prize.


I’d love to thank & Assets yet again for a brilliant and successful night that we all thoroughly enjoyed! Bring on the style of 2017!!


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TWITTER: @RachelDebsIre








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