My Latest Buys From Nyx Cosmetics: See What I Thought Of Them Here!

I’m always hesitant to buy new brands when I haven’t used them before, but I said I’d take the plunge with Nyx. Boots in Galway recently got a whole new wall stocked with different Nyx products so I said I’d have a look. They’re also not too expensive which is what every student wants to hear! I opted for the popular soft matte lip cream, liquid highlight & sculpt and a lip liner.


I’ll start off with my favourite – the soft matte lip cream. I bought two in the shades ‘Abu Dhabi’ (#09) & ‘Zurich’ (#14). These colours are extremely similar as you can see in the picture above, however #09 has brown undertones to it while #14 has pink/mauve undertones. I notice a significant difference between them once applied. Bare in mind you can alter the shade of them too depending on what colour lip liner you apply as a base.

I love these and they’re just €7.75 each!! They last for hours on end, don’t make your lips appear cracked or dry and they even smell/taste nice when on your lips. These are a fab and cheaper alternative to the Anastasia Beverly Hills matte liquid lipsticks which I also love. I wear my Nyx during the day to college and town and keep my ABH for nights out and special occasions.


 A great companion for the lip cream is the Nyx lip liner. These are €7.75 also and are soft on the lips once applied. I always line my lips before applying lipstick or gloss because it leaves a more pigmented look that will last you longer throughout the day.


Lastly, I tried the liquid highlight and sculpt for €12.75. This comes in many different shades depending on how light/dark you want your contour to be. I usually contour with powder but I said I’d give this a go. Surprisingly, I loved the results. It gives a sleek finish to your look and I think contour rocks would suit this product perfectly if you wanted to add some shimmer.


Ultimately, so far so good with the products I’ve tested out. They’re definitely a brand worth investing in if you’re undecided. I’m going to stock up on the matte lip creams though because I’m literally obsessed, and for that price too, where would you be going!

Happy Shopping!


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