Necktie Season: Get The Look Of Your Favourite Celebs With This One From Zara!

I have been looking for this type of choker/neck tie for so long and shockingly, Zara is the only shop I could find it in. It’s a two piece for €15.95 and I love it. I think the diamond circled choker compliments the necktie perfectly and is a great way of adding a bit of bling to your look.

Here’s some different ways to wear it and it’s also quite popular amongst the celebs, take a look!


Making a DIY necktie would also be pretty easy! Get a ribbon or lace and knot the bottom. You could even get a few of them, braid them and add some beads to personalise it. One thing I always love to do with chokers is layer them up. Your neck might feel a bit tight but it can look very fashionable!



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Snapchat: rachelcdonnelly


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