5 Of My Favourite Beauty Products Right Now

I promised this post a few weeks ago so apologies for the delay, I’m finally back on top of my blogging game. Here’s a quick little post for you all on a few beauty products that I’ve tried out recently and love!



Literally the BEST liquid lipstick I’ve ever used – I am OBSESSED!! Some matte lipsticks make your lips dry and cracked, but not this one. It’ll survive your meals too. I sadly only have one of them in the shade ‘stripped’ but one is all it took – I’m hooked! Christmas will be here before we know it and if there’s going to be anything in my stocking, I hope it’s more of these. Unfortunately, you can’t get them in Ireland or the U.K yet so you’ll have to go online to the American site where they’re available for $20.00 each. Here’s the link.


These may be classed as more of luxury item since they’re more expensive (€5.95 – €19.95) than the good ol’ reliable lashes from Penney’s (€1.50 – €4.00). However, I personally feel that they’re worth the money. I bought 3 different styles of the Premium Lashes for €5.95 each – Sara, Ella, & Naoimi. I also bought 2 different styles of the Luxury Silk Lashes for €19.95 each – Sue & Kim. I can’t rave about them enough, I honestly love each style so much. If you keep peeling off the eyelash glue after each wear they will last you so much longer too! These are in most pharmacies but are flying off the shelves. Not to worry though, you can also get them on sosu.ie or cloud10beauty.com

INGLOT PIGMENTS – #24, #117 & #120

I think I have 12 or 13 pigments from Inglot at the minute, but these are my newest three (#24, #117, #120). I chose these colours (metallic aqua, metallic lilac, & extreme rusty orange)  because it was festival season at the time I made the purchase so I wanted something with a bit of colour to make my eyes pop. One thing I can’t stress enough though, is that you need to push yourself outside your comfort zone when it comes to choosing colours. Sometimes, a bright eye is what you need to complete your look. Don’t be afraid to experiment, that’s the key! Pop into any Inglot store or go onto their website where they can be yours for €16 each.


Maaaan have I been missing out or what?? I got one of these as a gift during the Summer and I love them, they’re so handy and smell so good. I mean I’ve been using this instead of perfume lately because it leaves you smelling fab for hours on end and is far cheaper. It’s an essential in my handbag and you don’t have to worry about it smashing because it’s in a plastic bottle. I definitely have to invest in a few more different scents – Love, Love, Love! The Victoria’s Secret shop hasn’t opened in Dublin yet but you can get these in certain pharmacies and I’m pretty sure they don’t cost more than €12.


Last, but certainly not least, is this marble effect blush palette. It’s so pretty to look at you’d nearly not use it at all, but obvs I did. I use this for everyday use like going into college or town because I don’t want to waste my ABH Glow Kit. I found this to be a great alternative because of the different shades allowing you to use it as a highlighter, as well as a blush. It’s easy on your pockets too – it’s only €7.95 and can be picked up in most pharmacies.

So if you feel like Treatin’ Yo’self soon, there’s a few ideas for you!

Happy Shopping!!



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