Red Lips & Wings

I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that nude lips are my fave! I’ve been wearing neutrals on them for so long now I forgot about all of the coloured lipsticks I own. One of my favourites is ‘Lady Danger’ by Mac.

It’s a red lipstick with orange undertones which makes it that bit edgier than the classic red lip. However, for this look I lined my lips with ‘Lasting Sensation’ and a slight bit of ‘Cork’, both by Mac, which tamed the orange undertones down. I paired it with a dramatic wing and smokey eye.

A lot of people think it’s too risky mixing these three things because there’s so much going on, but it’s really not if you go about them the right way. This is my attempt and to be honest I love the sharp wing!!


1.  I used the ABH Modern Renaissance Palette, but any brown and gold eyeshadow will work. Apply brown eyeshadow to your crease and buff upwards, downwards, and below the lash line. Then apply the gold eyeshadow to your lid and blend.

2. Apply Duraline to your tear duct and follow with pigment to the same area.

3. Line your upper lash line and give it a sharp dramatic wing. To get more precision I advise having good skin tension by pulling the skin back at your temples with your finger.

4. Line your water line, brush on mascara and fill in your brows.

5. Line the outer corners of your lips with Cork lip liner and the rest with Lasting Sensation.

6. Apply Lady Danger Lipstick and blend together.




ABH Modern Renaissance Palette

ABH Glowkit

Mac ‘Lasting Sensation’ & ‘Cork’ Lip Liner

Mac ‘Lady Danger’ Lipstick

Inglot Pigment #119

Inglot Gel Liner #77

Inglot Brow Gel #16

Mac In Extreme Dimension 3D Black Lash Mascara



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Snapchat: rachelcdonnelly


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