Want Free Delivery & 15% Off A Barbas & Zacari Watch? Here’s How!!!

The very kind folks from Barbas & Zacari Watches got in contact with me seeking a collaboration with my blog. Obviously, I jumped at the chance to work with a brand as fashionable and contemporary as them. They have a passion for minimalist style watches that suit any occasion, and frankly, their timepieces are simple and elegantly fabulous – I love them!!!

Customers also have the chance to contribute to the fight against cancer with every purchase. For every watch sold, the brand donates $5 to the Cancer Research Foundation. They promote their watches alongside the hashtag #yourtimeisvaluable, to highlight the importance of cancer research and recognise that every hour we spend on this earth is valuable to each individual. I think this makes the brand so admirable, you can read more about it here.

Have you a birthday coming up? an anniversary? Or maybe even one of those ‘Treat Yo Self’ moments? Then a Barbas & Zacari Watch is the perfect fit! Here’s the best part, there’s also something in it for all of you! If you like their watches as much as I do, you can get yourself 15% OFF & FREE DELIVERY.


1. Go to www.barbasandzacari.com

2. Choose your watch.

3. Enter the code ‘racheldonnelly’ at the checkout.


Moments Collection


Original Collection





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