My All Time Favourite GOSH Products

My love for Gosh goes back many years. It was one of the first cosmetic brands I started using as a young teen and has been with me ever since. Their nail varnish, lipstick and mascara to name but a few, led to my undying passion for makeup. I’m a fan of all of their products, but there’s three in particular I just can’t go without!


Every girl wants long, volumised, extra black lashes right? Well, this is where the Gosh Show Me Volume Carbon Black Mascara comes in. I haven’t worn false lashes for years and it’s all down to this bad boy. The wand is designed to exaggerate the volume and length of your lashes, intensifying them with each stroke. You’ll never catch me without it in my makeup bag, it’s definitely an essential.


When it comes to the face, contouring is all the rage. However, a look is never complete without some bronzer. I’m constantly on the lookout for new products to give that perfect shimmery finish but nothing has yet beaten the glowing goodness of Gosh’s Precious Powder Pearls! They contain light reflecting pigments that make your skin gleam. I can’t get enough of the little beauties.


Also, how many of us love having our tanned skin (real or fake) glowing? I know I do anyway. A personal favourite of mine is the Gosh Giant Sun Powder. It’s the perfect way to give your tan a fresh glow as it leaves your skin fabulously bronzed. The best thing about it is that it never runs out, it will literally last you a lifetime.


All three of these products are essentials of mine throughout the year, but they’re an even bigger necessity during the Summer months. Makeup melting off your face isn’t ideal so I turn to these to ensure my eyes look awake and my skin isn’t red. Ultimately, these products are of fantastic quality, long lasting and affordable prices. I absolutely love them and can’t recommend them enough!

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