‘The Dangerous Palette’ by Urban Decay

The Dangerous Palette by Urban Decay consists of 6 eyeshadows and an eyeliner. My favourite thing about it is that the eyeshadows are SO pigmented! They’ve got the shimmer and sparkle effect too which I also love.


1. Press the turquoise shade under your lower lash line and tear duct.

2. Press the black shade onto your lid and the peach shade onto the arch of your brow.

3. With a buffing brush, apply brown contouring powder above your crease and into your crease, blending it into the black shade.

4. Take your turquoise shade again and flick it out as a wing at the edge of your eye.

5. Dab Duraline onto your tear duct and apply pigment to the same area.

6. Line your upper lash line and wing it to match the turquoise eyeshadow flick.

7. Line your waterline.

8. Brush on mascara, put on your false lashes, and fill in your brows.

9. Line your lips and apply your lipstick.




‘The Dangerous Palette’ by Urban Decay

Inglot Pigment #119

Inglot Gel Liner #77

Inglot Brow Gel #16

Benefit ‘They’re Real’ Mascara

Mac ‘Barely Bold’ Lip Liner

Mac ‘Honeylove’ Lipstick


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