Smokey Yellow Eyeshadow Look!

Yellow eyeshadow definitely wouldn’t be amongst the popular colours when going makeup shopping, but sometimes you have to jump outside your comfort zone and experiment. When I first bought it, my friends thought I was mad. I knew what they were thinking, that I was going to end up having eyes like the Simpsons because it was so bright. No matter how much I tried to reassure them that I knew what I was doing, they weren’t convinced. So, I’ve finally gotten around  to testing it out and proving it can be incorporated subtly into your eye makeup.

If you use white eyeshadow or an eye primer as a base, you can make the yellow shade really stand out and pop on your eyes. That’s not the look I was going for though. Just because it’s yellow, doesn’t mean you have to see it from a mile away. I blended it with browns to give a smokey, summery look.



1. Apply your yellow shade into your crease, buffing it upwards towards your brows and downwards onto your lid.

2. Blend your brown shade into your crease and under your lower lash line.

3. Take your yellow shade again and press it onto your lid.

4. Line your upper lash line and give it a dramatic wing.

5. Line your water line.

6. Dab Duraline onto your tear duct and apply your pigment to the same area.

7. Brush on mascara, apply false lashes and fill in your brows.

8. Line your lips and put on some lippie.


Inglot Eyeshadow #60, #329, #351

Inglot Gel Liner #77

Inglot Pigment #119

Inglot Brow Gel #16

Essence Eyebrow Pencil shade 02 Brown (as lip liner)

Mac ‘Myth’ Lipstick


Snapchat: rachelcdonnelly

Instagram: racheldonnelly11


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