Festival Look: Glitter, Gems & Accessories!

This time of year, our newsfeeds are filled with different festive looks for the Summer months. You’re liable to see everything and anything, with the majority of them looking far too complicated for some to attempt. Instead of creating a really cool look like the ones you see posted by Inglot MUAs, I’ve created a simpler one that rules out a lot of difficulty so that everyone can feel those festival vibes!



1. Take a matte burnt orange eyeshadow and apply all over your lid and under your lower lash line.

2. Next, dust a shimmery bright orange eyeshadow onto your tear duct, on your lower lash line and above your crease.

3. Blend a little bit of brown eyeshadow into your crease.

4. Apply gel liner to your upper lash line, lower lash line and water line.

5. Dab Duraline under your lower lash line and brush downwards onto the skin under your eyes.

6. Apply orange pigment to the same area.

7. With your blending brush, blend in some pigment above your crease without the use of Duraline.

8. Brush on mascara and apply your false lashes.

9. I wanted to have brown lips to make a statement, but I had no dark lip liners. I decided to use an eyebrow pencil instead. ( I plan on getting a proper brown lip liner.)

10. Apply your gems above your eyebrows and one to each tear duct using Duraline. Fill in your brows also.

11. Do a dutch braid, add plenty of accessories like chokers, and wear bright and colourful clothes.



Inglot Eyeshadow #15, #335, #351

Inglot Pigment #83

Inglot HD Sculpting Powder #507, #512

Essence Eyebrow Pencil in shade 02-Brown


Snapchat: rachelcdonnelly

Instagram: racheldonnelly11

4 thoughts on “Festival Look: Glitter, Gems & Accessories!

  1. Oh my god you are stunning! Girl crushing so hard right now haha. I am such a sucker for a copper/gold eye! I think I need to invest in some Inglot eyeshadows…being those exact ones lol. Are they expensive and can I just have you at mine to do my makeup and teach me.. Will deffo check the rest of your blog out. I did a Boots & Superdrug haul on youtube the other day of mostly skincare stuff if you’re into youtube xx

    http://www.lexilife95.com & https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjf_Yy-CZV0Tq9EgU2RG9Jw

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awh thank you so much that’s so nice of you!! 🙈💗 Same here, love the shimmers too! You can get the inglot eyeshadows for just €6 a pop.. Definitely recommend them, they’re so pigmented!✨ You can buy a palette too and fill it up with whatever colours you want! I’m yet to set up a YouTube but I’ll definitely check it out, thank you gal! Xx

      Liked by 1 person

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