My 3 Favourite Highlighters: Nars, Mac & Inglot!

No makeup look is complete without highlighter, in my opinion anyway. Not everyone does, but I personally have to include it in my beauty routine. I’m a big fan of shimmers, glitter, and sparkles so that’s probably why I’m obsessed with the glowing look.

If you’re a fan of highlighting too, then you have to try these out.


My friend introduced me to this recently and it literally changed my whole highlighting game. It’s definitely going to be my next beauty purchase, I’m obsessed with it! It appears as a white powder, but once applied it’s actually gold. This is one highlighter you have to be careful with though. I always say ‘you can never have enough highlighter’ but because this one is so pigmented, it’s very easy to go overboard. You can pick this up in Brown Thomas for €30.



I use this highlighter everyday and I love it. A lot of people rave about ‘Soft & Gentle’ too. I like this highlighter for everyday because it’s subtle, but you can also make your cheekbones really glow by brushing a few layers on. You can get this in Brown Thomas for €31.



When I got my makeup done in Inglot, this is the highlighter they used #102. It comes in a couple of other shades too but I like this one the most because it’s not too heavy. It gives a fab champagne coloured glow and really stands out! You can pick this up in any Inglot store for €14.

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