Coachella: Slay Like Your Fav Celebs With These Top Beauty & Fashion Trends!

Coachella is the dream destination for all music and fashion lovers! It’s the most talked about festival where you’ll spot nearly every celeb, whether they’re on stage performing or just amongst the crowd rocking their statement outfit dripping in accessories. What I love most about this time of year is, you can get away with almost anything. Summer trends are being set, crop tops are creeping back out of our closets and bright colours & body glitter are bigger than ever!


If you’ve been following the posts from Coachella this year, then you’ll have noticed these trends being sported by our fav celebs.


Recently this year we saw Khloe Kardashian rock this look, and it seems her sister Kendall Jenner gave it a thumbs up as she’s seen with the same hairstyle at Coachella. The supermodel made the look her own by adding glitter to her centre parting to give off those true festival vibes.



Braids are definitely proving to be popular in 2016 with so many celebs showing off this look. They were inevitably going to make an appearance at the festival. Kylie Jenner gets a special mention for her rainbow braids totally fitting the scene, they were genius!



With the sun beating down for hours on end, you definitely don’t want a face caked in makeup. These ‘festivalgoers’ had the right idea and went with the natural look. I’m woman-crushing hard on Taylor Hill. The Victoria’s Secret Angel looks effortlessly flawless. I’ll also have a post up tomorrow on how to get Kylie’s look seen below so keep an eye out!



Bralettes have become huge this year, with crop tops making an appearance again for the Summer months also. The model’s got to flaunt their figures around the venue showing off their toned tummies, and made me regret eating the pizza I had last night. If you want some #Fitspo for Summer, then just take a look at these.



Talk about the perfect material choice? You can dance, keep cool and give off some serious #FestivalFeels. Props to Paris Hilton in her Michael Costello lace dress, she looked absolutely stunning! Kendall Jenner also accessorised her lace dress with a huge embellished choker and gladiator sandals – Perfect for holidays!


I know I’m not the only one who loves looking at the pictures from these events, so here’s a little slideshow of a few more pics.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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