Review: Plump It!-Volumising Lip Plumper

A huuuge thank you to everyone from Plump It! for sending me out my very own Plump It! Volumising Lip Plumper. I was SO excited when this arrived in the post, its been all over my Instagram feed for months and now I finally get to try it out!

The first thing I loved about this product before I even used it was its appearance and glossy shine. It’s also the perfect size to fit in your purse or handbag so you can take it everywhere you go.

To use the plumper, you click the pen and the gloss comes out. You can click it several times if you want, it all depends on how plump you want your lips to look. When first applied, it turns your lips a bright pink/red colour and you experience a tingly sensation. This will subside in less than 5 minutes. The more times you click the pen, the more intense the sensation gets, but it does NOT hurt!


So, pictured above is my natural lips and my lips after 1 click of the pen. My lips are noticeably pinker but once the product takes affect, the colour and tingly sensation will die down. If you want a subtle look then you should opt for 1-2 clicks. However if it’s a very plumped look that you want, you should click the pen 3-6 times.

Pictured above is my lips after 3 clicks. My lips looked and felt much plumper but I don’t think the picture really does the product justice as it’s more noticeable in real life. They also returned to their natural colour and the tingly sensation went away.

Overall, I love this product and how it makes my lips look. Another upside is there’s no pain or harm involved and it lasts up to 24 hours. I’d pick Plump It! any day over getting a needle prodded in and out of my lips. Check out their Instagram Plump It! to see other people’s results or head over to their website to get yours now! Plump It! Volumising Lip Plumper





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