Review: My Favourite ‘Leave In’ Hair Conditioner Ever!

Between dying, straightening, and curling my hair, it never really gets a break. It’s not the healthiest with all I put it through. I’ve tried several different products to try help with split ends, frizz and any damage in general but nothing seems to work.

I came across Uniq One, by Revlon, an All In One Hair Treatment. On the bottle it says it provides 10 benefits, which at first I thought was too good to be true. I decided to try it out anyway to see for myself.

The 10 benefits it provides to all hair types include:

  • Repair for Dry/Damaged hair
  • Shine & Frizz control
  • Heat Protection
  • Smooth & Silky Finish
  • Hair Colour Protection/ with  UVA & UVB Filters
  • Easier brushing & ironing
  • Detangling
  • Long-lasting Hairstyle
  • Split Ends prevention
  • Adds body

I’ve been using this for a few months now and the condition of my hair has improved so much!! I find with a few sprays after a shower, detangling backcomb from the night before is so much easier and less painful! This is the one and only product that has actually worked for me and improved the health of my hair so I can’t recommend it enough!!

The price ranges between €15-€20 depending on where you purchase it from. You can pick it up in selected hair salons, hair care stores,, & Salon Services.

It’s definitely worth a try!

Rachel. X



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