Bomber Jacket Love

The Winter months may be behind us, but it looks like the cold and rain are here to stay. As the temperature doesn’t seem to be rising by much, the Bomber Jacket has quickly become our go-to piece. Without a doubt, this comfy number is proving to be one of the newest trends of 2016!


I’ve always had an expensive eye, so I wasn’t surprised when I fell in love with this Gucci Crackle Leather Bomber. Like most students, I haven’t exactly got €2,500 going spare so I went on the hunt to find the next best thing. That’s when I stumbled across this almost identical version from ASOS, costing  €49.29, an absolute steal!


Givenchy then made me feel ridiculously poor when I found their Karakul Bomber. It’s made of black Astrakhan lamb fur and would set you back €11,328.77. I mean talk about crazy money! I had a look around and managed to find this wool fabric bomber from Missguided that looks the same, minus a few stars. If you act quick you can pick it up for just €49.00 while it’s on sale, instead of the original price of €63.00.

Bomber jackets are perfect for those on-the-go moments so I’ve picked out a few of my favourites. While wearing one of these you’re guaranteed to make your outfit look more stylish. They go with everything, I literally wear my Topshop one everyday!


Pretty Little Thing
New Look

River Island

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